Marketing, media, and design professional known for creating high performance marketing solutions.

"I was first inspired to go into marketing in 2001, the year Allen Iverson won the N.B.A’s Most Valuable Player award." c/o Steve Murray

Steve's marketing background first began in traditional marketing where he would develop storyboards and creative direction for television commercials, billboard artwork, radio copy, and other traditional mixed media. In 2014, the demand shifted to digital media and he began to focus on six primary marketing services:


1.) Creative Direction 2.) Social Media

3.) Pay-Per-Click 4.) Email Marketing

5.) Text Marketing 6.) Web Design / E-commerce.

Steve’s experience has allowed him to collaborate with and create campaigns for some of the world’s most notable brands. Some of the brands include, Sony,Microsoft, Sega, Nickelodeon, Heineken, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, Revolt TV, Live Nation, Snoop Dogg, The Game, NLE Choppa, Cesar Milan, and more...


Bridging the gap between brands and culture.

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Steve Murray and American Rapper The Game



2001 was the year A.I. and Reebok released the A5 sneaker, the fifth edition to his signature sneaker line. I was sitting in the living room at my mothers house, a few miles outside of Washington, D.C., watching television. During a commercial break, the A5 promo video came on and it was A.I. and Jadakiss. At the time, Jadakiss was an up-and-coming hip-hop superstar who had the ear of the youth and represented the voice of the streets. The commercial began with Jadakiss rapping (while also looking like a hip-hop superhero) “Yo it’s the new A5’s you gotta rock ’em, they even put a zone in the league to try and stop him.” Meanwhile, A.I. was creating an insane beat with the sound of the ball bouncing and his sneakers squeaking as he did his signature crossovers.


I couldn’t believe what I was watching. The blending of a hip-hop music video and a traditional product that was for sale from a fortune 500 hundred company, in what you could call a unique cultural explosion. From that moment on, I knew whatever I was watching, I wanted to do that. I wanted to make products and services cool - just like A.I. and Jadakiss had done for Reebok.

c/o Steve Murray